Provide fans with a smarter ticket-buying experience by offering millions of the same tickets for less with premium customer support.


SharpSeat is a ticket marketplace founded by three fans who had a knack for finding the best deals on event tickets. Friends and family quickly learned that by leveraging our expertise and avoiding the excessive fees of bigger exchanges, they could better enjoy their favorite events and save money in the process.

We wanted to create something that would reach beyond just friends and family. We envisioned a product that could act on our behalf as that friend who could always get the best seats for the best price. The idea for SharpSeat was born.

Buying tickets can be overwhelming (and expensive). We want to make the process simple (and cheaper). In addition to providing our customers with access to the same tickets for less money, we provide exceptional customer service to improve your experience every step of the way.

Why use SharpSeat?

Low Prices: We are connected to an expansive, low-cost ticket exchange that allows us to list millions of event tickets at wholesale prices.

Premium customer support: SharpSeat has dozens of event ticket professionals available via phone or email to help you find your seats, answer questions about your order, and more. They're actively monitoring your order and can proactively identify and remedy any potential issues.

We appreciate your interest in SharpSeat and look forward to your continued business.


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